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Sabrina Prada

Sabrina Prada

Stage and Screen Actor,
Multi-Musical Performer

Flamingo Pose by Thesa Pakarnyk



Sabrina Prada is a stage and screen performing artist with multi-musical talents based in Vancouver, BC and Seattle, WA. As a proud member of SAG-AFTRA, UBCP/ACTRA, and CAEA, Sabrina brings flair and gravitas to every role every day, on set or on stage.


A veteran player in more than 120 live productions, from book musicals to cabaret and sketch comedy, Sabrina has commanding stage presence. Along the way, she has honed sharp improv skills and writing credentials, self-producing and directing savvy, plus deep respect for text and the collaborative process. She credits this ethic to her training at Southern Methodist University and years of working in theatre in New Jersey/New York, Dallas and Seattle.​

Since 2009, Sabrina has worked constantly in the bustling Vancouver film & tv industry. Her 18 IMDb credits reflect just a sliver of the 280+ productions she's contributed to over more than 1,000 days on set as a performer, including as a background artist and stand-in.  She was the stand-in for Danielle Panabaker on 'The Flash' for it's final three seasons. 

As we say in the biz, "Any day on set is better than a day not on set!"




In-Motion Talent Ltd.

James Strand

1191 Grant St.

Vancouver, BC V6A 2J7

Tel: 604-336-5220



TCM Models & Talent

Sheena Jewell

2200 6th Ave, Suite 1225

Seattle, WA 98121

Tel: 206-728-4826


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Sabrina Prada photo by Alison Wandzura @Soulfire_Sudios
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